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Shona McCallin MBE, GB Hockey Player & Olympic Gold Medalist

Who they are:

Shona McCallin MBE, GB Hockey Player & Olympic Gold Medalist. Rising British hockey star, Shona McCallin, began playing hockey at the age of six and has since found herself on a rapid ascent through the ranks of elite international players. McCallin has now blossomed into a senior level international. She lives and trains full-time with the English national team just outside of London and returns to Newark for her family and guest appearances at local schools and clubs.

What we did:

Web Design

What they said:

Hannah has totally revamped my website and created something that really represents me as a person and as a brand. She was very helpful and really thought through the web design process fully with me. The design is simple yet modern and easily to use on both phones and desktops


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